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Direct Primary Care

Insurance-based primary care has evolved in recent years into a complex, restrictive and inefficient model which has made it increasingly difficult for primary care doctors to deliver care that is patient focused. Fortunately, a rapidly growing number of doctors across the country have broken free from the restrictions that have prevented them from directly partnering with their patients to determine the very best care.

Direct Primary Care is a doctor-patient relationship that is simple, personal and direct. It improves health care quality while also reducing costs. Both employers and individuals are embracing DPC, which removes the “middle man” (i.e. insurance companies) from the relationship between patient and physician. By doing so, there are no third party insurance companies driving up costs or controlling doctors’ medical decisions. Therefore, the patient’s best interest is the number one priority – not insurance companies or the government.

Patients pay a monthly membership fee, depending on the plan selected and a small visit charge each time they come in. In exchange, the patient has unlimited access to the doctor, either by appointment, e-mail, cell phone or text messaging. Most appointments can be scheduled same day or next. Most services are included such as basic labs, annual physicals, diabetes check, EKGs, yearly flu shot and more. In addition, the patient has access to deeply discounted, wholesale pricing on other non-standard services, advanced labs and certain meds.

Patients are advised to maintain their health insurance for non-primary care such as seeing a specialist, emergency room or hospital visits. It may be possible to consider a health plan with a higher deductible that accounts for your primary care membership.